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"The very first thing I remember drawing was a copy of the alphabet from my Mickey Mouse chalk board, in orange crayon, on the turquoise wall of my bedroom," Shaye says. This set a precedent, she adds, but less toward art than toward using her creativity to get out of trouble.

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Welcome to Rainbow Spirit Beads. Artist Shaye Starkey strings colorful beads and decorates frames to create prayer beads that focus on images both sincere - the Buddha - and satirical - a credit card or car. Because, as the artist notes, "We all worship something." Talismans, amulets and beads used for protection, prayer and to aid in obtaining food or power can be traced to the beginning of humankind. Beads and amulets have been an integral part of mysticism, religious rites and ornamentation for centuries and across many different cultures.

Shaye's work has been accepted into several art shows, most recently "The Art of Politics," a celebration of political art in its many forms and functions held by Democracy for America - Marin on September 25, 2005, in Sausalito CA .


"Kwan Yin 1" (15" W x 17" H)
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