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Kwan Yin 1
15" W x 17" H

16-3/8" W x 13-3/8" H

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September, 2009

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Yeah, yeah, yeah, itís been another long stretch since my last blog. I really envy my friends who stay connected on Facebook. I admit it, although I do have a Facebook account I didnít really know I had a wall until my brother wrote on it (and told me so!) nor do I know how to respond to someone without the whole world seeing it. I have yet to post a message or a response to someone elseís. I simply log on and like a peeping Tom(ette) watch and read what everyone else is doing. I just canít imagine what I have to say that everyone would want to know and truthfully, although I read otherís messages, I donít really care all that much what my friends want to eat for breakfast or what errand theyíre running off to, although I am quite impressed with some of the witty repartee. As a social worker, I want meaning, facial expression, relevance, illumination, connection, intonation, human touch. Since I can barely keep up with my e-mail, the last thing I need is another way to Ďconnectí. Maybe one of my problems with writing a blog consistently enough is I think I have to be clever and compelling when what I really wanna do is make art, spend time in my studio or be face to face with my friends.

I have some new additions to my studio that make me quite happy Ė a used, wood drafting table and a 5-drawer flat file (now I just need a drafting chair). In addition to the meditation beads, sun jewels and some jewelry, Iím also making some altar pieces from cigar boxes. They are cathartic, fun and most, so far, have been inspired by family and friends. I lost a very dear friend to suicide recently and he had inspired one altar piece and Iím now working on another thatís come from this loss (I will always miss you, Jon). There are a couple photos included so you can see a bit of what Iím doing. My next show will be Art in the Yard on October 3rd ( Iíve also submitted an application for an altar installation for a Dia de Los Muertos exhibit with my 92 year old artist friend. Itís exciting! Other than that, Iím simply enjoying my life, day-by-day, with my wife and our incredibly affectionate and crazy cat, Socks.

Namaste! Shaye
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