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A lot of thought goes into each string of beads. "I use primarily glass or crystal beads because I like the way they refract the light and reflect the world around us," Shaye says. Shades of color, the way in which the beads play with the light, the choice of icon and sometimes the use of a frame all let each creation express a particular mood and idea.


Each piece that Shaye makes is unique. The Rainbow Spirit Beads carry a symbol that represents the theme of "we all worship something" and the frame is a complement both to the beads and the theme. When designing a piece, the following information can be helpful in the development.

Your First Name:
Your Email Address:
Is this for yourself or someone else?
Is there a theme you are trying to communicate?
Is there a size limitation for where this piece will be displayed?
Do you have a general color preference?
Do you have a specific end piece in mind?
Feel free to provide other information you think will be helpful in developing your Rainbow Spirit Beads.
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