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Goddesses & other Deities Gallery
A variety of spiritual and cultural images of worship

Nature Gallery
From our physical realm

From the Heart Gallery
Beyond the physical . . . our feelings, hopes, intent

Politics Gallery
Matters of present concern

End pieces
A variety of spiritual and cultural images of worship

Shaye's pieces have expressed her continuing search for the spiritual in all things, and to find an outlet for her creativity that is more tangible, tactile and visually pleasing. The pieces are intended to embody beauty, creativity and spirituality. They can be used as part of an altar piece, to honor a spiritual idea, commemorate someone we have loved or simply decorate a space in the home or office.





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Goddesses & other Deities

Blue Goddess
17-1/2" W x 14-1/2" H
Private Collection

The First
13-3/8" W x 16" H

Kwan Yin
16-3/4" W x 11'1/8" H


Sun & Moon
14-3/8" W x 16-3/4" H

15-1/2" W x 15-1/2" H

Goddess of the Sea
13-1/2" W x 15'1/2" H

From the Heart

My Inspiration Love
14-3/4" W x 18-3/4" H
Private Collection

Buena Mano "Good Hand"
15-1/2" W x 12-1/2" H
Private Collection

15" W x 19" H
Private Collection


16-7/8" W x 13-7/8" H

14-7/8" W x 17-3/4" H

16-3/8" W x 13-3/8" H

 End Pieces

Strand of Rainbow Beads,
Sleeping Angel

Strand of Rainbow Beads,
Gold and white flip flop

Strand of Rainbow Beads,
Root Beer color glass heart

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